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The Mildmay Colours was purchased by a small group of villagers in November 2019. When pubs were closed in March 2020 due to lockdown we decided to refurbish, and after a lot of hard work including the installation of a new kitchen, the pub was reopened at the end of August 2020.
Initial work
The first phases of the refurb are complete. There's still a bit to be done, but the pub is now looking really good.

Check out our short refurbishment animation on YouTube.

These are some of the pictures taken as the work was being carried out.

That's better!
We were able to retain a lot of the features of the old bar, but have made some improvements as well. The work is continuing, and we have lots of ideas for further improvements.

These are the 'before' and 'after' pictures, but to really appreciate the work we've been doing you'll have to come and visit us for yourself!
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